Well, hello! It’s been a while! Over a year, in fact, since the last blog entry! The term “running a business” seems to have more meaning in those words than the obvious. You definitely feel like you’re running (sometimes uphill, often level and occasionally up a down escalator, but generally just running!) and I can definitely see the ‘busy’ in ‘business’! It’s crazy, exhausting, fun and daunting in equal measures, but so, so worth it.

Changes have been happening recently, though, as you can see! Parentskool has undergone a re-brand. This was not a decision that was taken lightly and was deliberated over for some time. Advice was sought and mulled over and eventually the decision was made to take the plunge. The reason a re-brand was even considered is actually very exciting! We want to offer new services, including childbirth education courses and much more, in addition to our baby care classes. We wanted to do much more with the original vision of educating expectant parents on best practice of care for their babies. We want to extend that to many other areas of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Future plans are super exciting and new courses and workshops are to be added in the coming months.

For this reason, it was felt a name that was more “encompassing” was needed. Yes, of course, we are very much about helping people increase their confidence levels in their parenting of their newborn babies, but with additional services to be added that may not focus on the parenting side of having a baby, it was felt we needed an identity that showed us to be an “all-rounder”.

Naming a business is hard! There is so much to consider! You want to make sure your name is catchy, but not cheesy; relevant, but not too boring. Most importantly, it needs to be available! The name we have changed to took a while to come up with, but when it eventually came to me, I was convinced it would already be taken. But luckily not! So BABIES was born (see what I did there?)

BABIES, as you will by now have seen, stands for Birth And Baby Information, Education, Support. We plan to provide services in the areas of birth and baby (which also encompasses pregnancy, postnatal and parenting – another potential name that was thrown out!) all in the form of informing, educating and supporting; without wishing to be corny, exactly what it says on the tin!

We want expectant parents to feel informed on all potential options available to them for all the decisions they will need to make as they bring a baby into the world. It’s important that everyone has all the info they need to make an informed decision on many aspects of caring for a baby.

Our content will, as always, be evidence based, current and up to date and we will continue striving to ensure everyone has access to education in all areas of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Finally, but of no less importance, we want to ensure that everyone feels supported as they embark on their individual journey and feel part of a wider community – after all, it takes a village!

So, a name was chosen and the fun of turning that into what will hopefully become a recognisable logo was the next task. This is where the lovely Lynsey of LP:Designs (website under maintenance, but I’ll link in due course) came in and a gorgeous, simple but effective logo was made. My favourite thing is the three mini graphics depicting the three areas of service: speech marks for information (because despite our courses being quite practical, there is a lot to chat about!) a butterfly for education (we adore seeing people morph and become more confident and prepared) and hands holding for support (we are here for you, even after our courses end).

Our website underwent a transformation! Early feedback has shown it to be easy to navigate and use and our booking process is nice and simple. We welcome feedback, so please have a browse and give us yours! The new website was made possible through the wonderful work of Kate Molloy of http://katemolloy.co/ (no uk) Our website, if you’ve not yet visited, is now at www.babies.uk.com (although you can still reach it via the old url).

We also have new emails to reflect our re-brand and this was made possible by the wonderfully charming and dedicated Greg of Powered By Vision https://www.poweredbyvision.co.uk/

None of this would be possible without these three amazing people. Masses of gratitude has gone their way and they all know how valued they are. However, my biggest debt of gratitude is also owed to one particular person who works tirelessly behind the scenes and has been nothing but supportive throughout this whole change, despite the fact that this re-brand may cause confusion in her area where Parentskool is pretty much a household name (through no small effort on her part!) Amanda, our lovely Brighton & Hove teacher. You are amazing.

As you may know, Parentskool was the brainchild of the awesome Sarah Watkins, who poured blood, sweat, tears, heart, soul, mind and sanity into creating what is the brilliant and strong foundation upon which we will base all of our future ventures. In fact, Parentskool is not just the foundation. It’s the standard and ethos by which we will strive to maintain as we continue to reach and provide a service to our communities. Sarah started the journey and we will continue to walk it, with her efforts always in mind.

On the subject of “in with the new”, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Linda Sharples, who will be teaching in Luton. Linda is a birth and postnatal doula and all round angel of a person. We are sure all those who attend her classes will see her warm personality and kind heart.

So, in all,  plans are afoot for a busier future on the road Parentskool started and we hope you will be as excited as we are for all the things that are yet to come!

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you stick around for the ride!