Be Ready for WEANING

Introducing solid food is one of those milestones many parents really look forward to. It can also be daunting and the cause of much confusion and anxiety around things like ensuring baby is getting the right nutrients, which foods are best for starting with and how much baby should be eating.

All this and more is covered on the BABIES Be Ready for Weaning workshop.

Our 2 and a half hour workshop on weaning your baby provides you with all of the following:

  • Signs baby is ready for solids
  • Potential obstacles for weaning
  • Styles of weaning and what they mean
  • Equipment needed
  • Best first weaning foods
  • Foods to avoid in the early stages
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Health and safety around weaning
  • How much baby needs
  • Ensuring a healthy and balanced diet
  • Drinking
  • And much, much more!

During the workshop, you will receive a weaning handout, which reiterates the content of the session as well as giving you some recipes to get started with. YOu will be added to a “We’re Ready for Weaning” Facebook group, where you can chat, ask questions and share experiences of weaning with other parents and your weaning workshop tutor.

Our workshop has been put together with the input of a Nutritionist and a First Aid Instructor and content is in line with NHS and Unicef guidelines.

Workshops are £30 per person (£50 per couple) and take place at The Secret Garden, Sun Street Hitchin.