Be Ready for BIRTH and BABY

Our practical and enjoyable birth’n’baby™ courses are designed for YOU to learn all you need about preparing for the birth of your baby, and preparing for the baby! To see the specific content of your local birth’n’baby™ course, choose your area below or contact us.

These are BUNDLED courses, so we do deals with local experts to bring you a combined course at a cheaper cost! Because of this, the exact content and price varies per area, and these courses are not available in all areas, yet.

Essentially we aim to cover:

Preparing for Birth: helps expectant mothers and birth partners feel prepared for labour, including birth physiology, relaxation techniques, choices in childbirth and much more

Preparing for Baby: practical sessions that help you gain confidence in handling a newborn baby, washing and changing, getting them to sleep, understanding and dealing with crying, feeding and much much more.