Be Ready for BABY

Our fun and unique “Be Ready for Baby” course teaches first time parents-to-be everything you need to know about looking after a baby including:

Practical exercises using life size baby dolls so you can try out nappy changing, washing, burping, swaddling and more.
Experienced parent tips so you can feel more confident first time round.
Shopping guides helping you to decide what you need and what you don’t need to buy.
Signposting for possible problems giving you confidence to spot what is normal and what is not and
Local information telling you all about antenatal classes, baby classes and support networks for your new life.

This course will leave you feeling inspired, confident and excited about your new arrival. You will come away knowing everything you need to prepare yourself, your home and your relationships for the arrival of a baby! The full course consists of lots of free sessions, a 60 page packed manual including a directory, refreshments and 10 hours of antenatal classes plus a post natal session too.