What People Say

Our customers love our antenatal classes, you can read about what they have to say here. To see some original reviews see our antenatal course testimonials on Netmums.

Ameena, September 2012

I would highly recommend ParentSkool classes to any first time parents. I had very little knowledge beforehand and now feel more confident about the do’s and don’ts from feeding to pooing to bonding and coping.  You’re given a great booklet with loads of info, which you can read in your own time.

Vicky, October 2012

Really brilliant course if you’ve no idea how to look after a baby or what you need to buy. We’d completed a hypnobirthing course and felt we didn’t need to know anything more about labour and pain relief, so Parentskool was perfect for us.

Steph, November 2012

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Parentskool but wanted to support my wife and attend the classes with her – I’m very, very glad that I did. Within a very short period of time I realised how little I knew about looking after a newborn baby. Can’t recommend this course highly enough!

Cathy, November 2012

For a grandparent, the course gives you clear information about what has changed, highlighting where ‘old ways’ might not be the best. It means that I’ll be able to help my daughter without giving conflicting advice, which is especially important for a new mother and a grandparent that ‘just wants to help’.

Emma, December 2012

We found the classes informative, non judgemental and the environment relaxed.  We think the class is fantastic and it left us feeling very reassured and prepared for our forth coming transition into parenthood. Highly recommend it!

Sebastian, February 2013

This course was brilliant! I knew zilch about babies and hadn’t even held one before, but this covered such a broad range of topics, so I now feel more at ease!  Also a great place to meet other parents-to-be. Highly recommended.

Nadia, March 2013

Parentskool has really prepared us for the birth of our child.  My husband and I have little experience and we did not feel confident in handling babies or understanding their needs.  This course was very practical and enabled us to feel confident with holding, changing and bathing a newborn baby.

Dan, April 2013

As first time parents we had very little experience with newborn babies and although weren’t completely lacking in confidence we felt we’d benefit from some coaching.  Useful props are on hand during the class to help you learn how to hold, wash, change your baby.

Nicola, July 2013

We just completed a course with Parentskool in June and July 2013. As first time parents, with absolutely no experience, we’ve found it a great learning process, with so much useful knowledge presented in really accessible ways. I’m really pleased that we did the course for so many reasons.

Pat, October 2013

I just wanted to write thanking you for your course & your experience. Everything we needed to know about becoming parents was in there – & I suspect your manual will be of use way beyond our first child! We haven’t done any other courses or been to any other groups, largely because after the first week of your Parentskool course we realised we didn’t need to, due in no small part to how well you’ve constructed the course & the fact that it’s delivered from an unbiased perspective with clarity, common sense & humour.

Megan, February 2014

My partner and I attended the 0-6 months crash course in January 2014.  We both really enjoyed the sessions and now feel much more confident bringing our baby into the world.  As first time parents we really didn’t have a clue what to do with a newborn but the course covered everything from baby blues to  buggies. There was so much information packed into the four sessions with essential shopping lists, practical demonstrations, props, and freebees.  Amanda was very knowledgeable and answered all of our silly questions like a pro.  Thankfully everything covered is also detailed in the course manual and I’m sure this will become a valuable reference Bible over the coming months.

Jenny, May 2014

This course was excellent. I recommend it to anyone having their first baby. I learnt so much from the course, real practical information like feeding your baby and sleep,  it covers safety issues which is very important. There is a lot of information to absorb and you have home work. The course booklet is full of everything you need to know, a lot of the information is backed up by research and there are useful links to websites on most topics. I found the course enjoyable and inspiring. It helped me get all the answers I needed, to things that were concerning me when I was pregnant. My baby is nearly 5 months now and I still refer to the booklet for advice when I need it. Its also really nice to meet other people on the course. I think the course is definitely value for money. I just wish there was a Post Natal Course from Parentskool that I could go to after my baby was born, I think there is an idea to start one though which is good. Definitely do the Crash Course!!