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In this section you will find lots of things for you… our links and tips section houses national agencies, support groups and charities which we think will really help you out.  It also has our blogs and guest blogs, selected for.. you guessed it…YOU! We hope you will enjoy reading about lots of different perspectives about pregnancy, birth and babies. If you have attended one of our antenatal courses we would love to hear how you are getting on with your baby, take 5 minutes to complete the post-natal survey and help us to show how the classes make a difference. And if you are wanting to hear what people say about us check out some of our favourite comments! We will also be putting up more content in these pages about our antenatal classes, future planned courses and anything else about YOU…so come back and visit us again soon.

Long Time, No Blog!

Well, hello! It’s been a while! Over a year, in fact, since the last blog entry! The term “running a business” seems to have more meaning in those words than the obvious. You definitely feel like you’re running (sometimes uphill, often level and occasionally up a down escalator, but generally just running!) and I can […]

Founder & CEO Sarah Watkins steps down from Parentskool CIC

Sarah Watkins started Parentskool in January 2011 with zero finance, two children under 2, no experience of running a not for profit and a burning desire to make a difference. Five years on and the Parentskool experience has been shared with hundreds of mothers and fathers to be, from all walks of life, from many […]


Parentskool antenatal classes: highlights November 2015 Having just finished a Lottery funded free classes pilot we thought now would be a good time to share some results. Parentskool CIC’s social purpose is to provide evidence-based, accredited and quality-assured antenatal courses, to inform and prepare parents-to-be, resulting in more confident, healthier and happier parents and babies […]

Free Breastfeeding Download

Dear Mums to be – we know that being a pregnant mummy is hard work – especially when it’s your first and there is so much conflicting advice out there. And when it comes to feeding your baby, it is really your choice so we won’t ever push anything on you. But we hope that […]

Parentskool in figures – 2015

This year has provided with us with lots of challenges and opportunities to make a difference in the communities where we operate. We wanted to share our latest data about who and how we are helping to change the world, in our own little way. Since inception in 2011, Parentskool teachers have taught over 700 […]

Its safer sleep week – do you know the latest advice?

This week is Safer Sleep Week and we want to share with you all the latest advice about how to minimise the risk of your baby dying suddenly and without cause – known as sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. Some people call it cot death but we try to avoid using that description now, […]

Bonding is more important than breastfeeding…

…and here is why. Breastfeeding is well known to be one of the most important things you can do for your baby’s health. Exclusive breastfeeding (giving your baby breast milk only) is recommended for around the first six months (26 weeks) of your baby’s life. After that, giving your baby breast milk alongside other food […]

Wanna be an Opti-mum?

This is a Guest Post from Maxine Harley. WHO NEEDS PARENTING THE MOST? Sounds like a strange question, doesn’t it? Clearly every child needs good parenting – but the parents themselves might also need a bit of ‘Re-Parenting’ too. There’s no such thing as perfect parenting, and there are several ways in which we, as […]

Flying with kids this half term?

Thinking of going abroad with your children this half term? It’s always handy to know where certain facilities are at the airport, in order to keep your young ones occupied during what could be a very long wait for your flight. On the other hand, if you’re flying with a toddler or a baby, then […]

What is a social enterprise?

Parentskool is not a private enterprise but a community-owned company. We are a regulated , not-for-profit organisation, legally committed to using profits made from sales of antenatal classes to put on free antenatal classes in deprived communities – not to use profits for financial gain. We are also a “CIC” or Community Interest Company meaning that all […]

Breastfeeding in airports – the best and the worst!

Breastfeeding mothers – the Equality Act 2010 made it illegal for anyone to ask a breastfeeding woman to leave a public place such as a cafe, shop or public transport. Although the law states that women are entitled to breastfeed in any public setting, many nursing mothers may not feel comfortable breastfeeding in public places, […]

Tongue-tie what is it and what can we do?


Hello Parentskool! I’m Laura, mum to Arthur (10 months). I’m hoping to become a volunteer antenatal teacher in the future but, for now, I’ve been invited to write a guest blog post on infant tongue-tie. This is an issue close to my heart as Arthur was tongue-tied. You can read our story in full here […]

FREE antenatal classes from Parentskool

Parentskool CIC today announces a National Lottery Grant to bring free antenatal classes to up to 500 parents-to-be in geographically deprived areas throughout Sussex and in Herts. Parentskool CIC is a new breed of business, a social-enterprise that sells products or services and uses all profits for good. Our model is to sell antenatal classes, […]

Antenatal classes information for professionals

“0 to 6 months a crash course in having a baby” is . . . . . . NOT medical, NOT about labour and is NOT a replacement for the NHS or any other antenatal course. It is a parent-led organisation which aims to inform, empower and prepare rather than give instruction or direction. PREPARES […]

Antenatal education – the answer to all our problems?

The Department of Work and Pensions today announced they will be running a pilot to provide relationship advice as part of antenatal education to cut the cost of family breakdowns (estimated to be £46 million). Research from the Department of Health shows how 90% of working parents find balancing work and parenting stressful; 85% of parents would like […]

Having twins? Read on for some fab tips and advice …

We are very fortunate to have a vast range of options to help us manoeuvre our two little people around, but where do you start when trying to choose which option(s) suits you best? Twin Slings Have you considered buying a single pushchair and a baby carrier or sling? If the budget will stretch to […]

Why Worthing needs it’s own Pregnancy , Birth & Baby Show!

Over the past five years I’ve been madly trying to balance raising three lively children whilst also running my own little business helping pregnant couples to have a more positive labour, birth and start to their parenting adventures. I adore bringing up my family here with the stunning outside opportunities our location offers us with […]

How can chiropractors help in pregnancy?

My feeling is that many women, and the public at large, unfortunately do not realise what chiropractic care can do for you especially during the important stages of pregnancy. People often presume that chiropractic care involves heavy hands and lots of twisting/cracking manoeuvres. Whilst this may happen in non-pregnant clients, this DOES NOT have to […]

Hypnobirthing – is it for you?

I first heard about hypnobirthing in 2006 when I was trawling the internet in vain hope that I would find something that would deter me from having a planned c-section. I was terrified of the prospect of giving birth and with only 4 months left until my estimated due date I was looking for a […]

How much preparation do we need?

The start of family life doesn’t just see the beginning of a bigger waistline; it is also rise to the abundance of preparation that you feel compelled to undertake. From decorating the nursery, buying a bigger car and sorting out next years “family friendly” holiday to choosing what antenatal class/ course/ workshop you and your […]


Hello and congratulations pregnant parent! Well there are so many wonderful things to plan and look forward to with the arrival of your baby, i’ll bet you spend a lot of time daydreaming about how it’s all going to be! Well here’s a little something else to think about fitting into your plans and that […]


In a few days time my little girl will be 7 months old and when I look at her I cannot quite believe how fast that time has gone.  I look at pictures taken on the day she was born and she seemed so tiny as she weighed 6lb 13oz.  But 5 months later is […]


I discovered yoga about 20 years ago as a stressed Uni student – it was probably the first time I’d ever really met my own body! Sounds a funny thing to say, but like many of us I lived in my head and I wasn’t particularly connected to what was going on in my body […]


preg tummy

Don’t wait till your last trimester to experience the benefits of massage during your pregnancy. Many therapists offer evening appointments so that you can have a treatment after work. The effects of massage are accumulative so by finding a practitioner early on in your pregnancy you can also have the added benefit of building a […]