BABIES C.I.C. values have been developed with parents in mind. And we LOVE that our values even SPELL parent!! Here is what we aim to bring to everything we do, whether it is our antenatal courses, our postnatal support, our collaborations and supporters and of course the parents that we work with.

Progressive. We keep up to date with current advice so you don’t have to. We are always evolving, we stay in touch with parents and they let us know what they are worried about, what their experiences are and how we can improve our courses.  So our courses are continually evolving.

Authentic. Our courses are developed by parents, for parents – making them uniquely grounded and based in reality, not ideology. We make sure we keep up to date with the latest government advice, and we balance this with the reality of having a baby.

Rounded. Our multi-faceted view of parenting means we have no hidden agenda, no philosophy or parenting style we want you to adopt, and no restrictions on the information we can give you. (Bottle feeding for example is rarely discussed antenatally despite being a major cause of baby illness due to bottles being made up incorrectly).

Empowering. Providing information to parents so they can make informed decisions. We want to emphasise the importance of parental instinct. You alone know what’s best for your baby. But there is a lot of conflicting advice which can be worrying for first time parents.  Our aim is to give clear unbiased information enabling you to make the right decisions for you and your baby.

Non judgemental. Everyone is treated equally regardless of how they give birth to their child, how they feed their baby, their family situation, how old or young they are, what their household or home is like, their sexuality and relationship status, their religion or beliefs, their ethnicity, or anything else.

Trained. Our skilled and fully trained antenatal teachers, both paid and volunteers, offer all parents unbiased and open minded support. Our teachers follow a standardised course so their own personal bias or experiences are not brought into the classes. All our teachers are experienced parents so they have first-hand experience of what you are about to embark upon.