Antenatal and Postnatal Classes for Expectant and New Parents

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    Be Ready for BIRTH

    Our Be Ready for Birth course gives expectant parents a detailed look at what they may be able to expect during labour and birth. Our two-week, 5 hour course covers: Birth physiology Labour sensations Relaxation techniques Birth partner role Analgesia Induction C-section Choices in childbirth Possible scenarios Post birth recovery Parents-to-be report feeling much more…

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    Be Ready for BABY

    Our fun and unique “Be Ready for Baby” course teaches first time parents-to-be everything you need to know about looking after a baby including:

    – Practical exercises using life size baby dolls so you can try out nappy changing, washing, burping, swaddling and more.
    – Experienced parent tips so you can feel more confident first time round.
    – Shopping guides helping you to decide what you need and what you don’t need to buy.
    – Signposting for possible problems giving you confidence to spot what is normal and what is not and
    – Local information telling you all about antenatal classes, baby classes and support networks for your new life.

    This course will leave you feeling inspired, confident and excited about your new arrival.

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    Be Ready for BIRTH and BABY

    Our practical and enjoyable “Be Ready for Birth and Baby” courses are designed for YOU to learn all you need about preparing for the birth of your baby, and for the baby!

    We aim to cover:

    Be Ready for Birth: understand how a womans body is designed to give birth, how you can make your birth experience a positive one, how you can prepare your body and mind to have the birth experience you want.

    Be Ready for Baby: benefit from our signature baby care course. These are practical sessions so you can increase your confidence in handling a newborn baby, washing and changing, getting them to sleep, understanding and dealing with crying, feeding and much, much more.

    As a bonus, babies finally come with a manual!

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    Be Ready for SOLIDS

    When thinking about starting a baby onto solid food, many parents can feel overwhelmed and worried about things such as what to introduce as first foods, which to avoid, how much baby should be eating, how to ensure a balanced diet, what if baby struggles with pieces of food….
    Our Be Ready for Weaning workshop is designed and constructed with the input of a Nutritionist and a First Aid Teacher as well as seasoned mothers to bring you all the information you need in one handy workshop, giving you the confidence to introduce solid food with you baby with a more relaxed mindset.

What People Say

Our customers love our antenatal classes!
Anna, November 2014

I really enjoyed the course because it gave me the confidence to change my baby and not feel nervous or panic when handling him. Really good course to recommend to anyone who is having their first baby.

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